Wood Burning Survey

We want to know how you feel about air quality and solid fuel burning in your home and your neighbourhood.

In 2022 the 15 London boroughs that make up the London Wood Burning Project were granted funding by Defra to run a communications campaign about domestic solid fuel burning and particulate matter. We started this project with a survey of residents in the member boroughs to measure attitudes and behaviours around wood and solid fuel burning.

In the year since our last survey we have commissioned research on air quality in homes and neighbourhoods, published an evaluation of the human health impacts of wood burning, built this website, developed campaign materials, and ran a radio, billboard, digital and social media campaign to share our research and messages with as many people as possible across London. Four more London boroughs have joined the project, sharing the materials and resources across 19 boroughs.

Our survey builds on earlier national surveys including:

Please click on this link to complete our new survey and give us your input on wood burning and air quality in London.            

Member London Boroughs